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sebastien joachim - Customer Service

789 NW Edge Water


  • Customer Service Representative - Client Relations - Data EntryResults-driven Customer Services Representative with proven ability to establish rapport with clients.Dedicated Customer Service Representative motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and contribute to company success. Friendly Sales Associate with over three years experience working in diverse retail and customer service environments.
  • Consistently met and exceeded department expectations for productivity and accuracy levels.Built strong client relationships and provided high value-adding services, resulting in a 15% company market share increase.Interacted with customers and retail buyers to expedite orders.Maintained cleanliness and presentation of stock room and production floor.Received multiple reviews acknowledging my level of dedication to excellent customer service.Provided customer service during an average of 60 calls per day by answering customer inquiries, solving problems and providing new product information.


  • Customer service Adaptability Listening skills Excellent communication skills Fast learner Strong client relations Energetic work attitude Store maintenance
  • Able to persuade others effectively Excellent people skills Written and oral communication skills Developing local contracts Self-motivated Client development
    • Store maintenance Problem-solving skills Social perceptiveness Written and oral communicaton skills Adapt to diverse groups

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Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Customer Service

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October, Now

Changeable Incorporated

Examplesville, MD

Mover & Shaker

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Mutable University

Exampleville, MD

Bachelors of Science with a focus in Editing Resumes

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